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Yuncheng hunlei pharmaceutical co., LTD(The original yuncheng hunlei chemical plant)Founded in 1993,Is a professional engaged in veterinary medicine、Fishery drugs、Feed premix、Microbial agents,Production and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises。The company is located in the Yellow River delta,Beautiful FengCheng——Yuncheng jin in the industrial park,Cover an area of an area28000Square meters,The construction area2860Square meters,The total investment1200Ten thousand yuan,With advanced production facilitiesGMPWorkshop,Article 6 the modern numerical control production line{Powder/Premix/Powder、Disinfectant(Solid)、Aquaculture disinfectant(The liquid)(The chlorine preparation)/Aquatic insecticides(The liquid)},The perfect quality、Environmental protection inspection center,And scientific production management system。Company technical force is abundant,A senior engineer2People,Engineer6People,The technician13People,Relying on the shanxi university、Northwest agricultural university、Shanxi agricultural university and other scientific research institutions。Successively developed“Rich fishing” Six series of veterinary drug products,Sell well all over the country。
2005Years10In my company through the countryGMPCertification,80More products by the province、Standard to national standards,“Rich fishing”Quality is more reliable,To further improve visibility,Spring buds from inside and outside the Great Wall,Great river north and south。
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